Porcellio spatulatus

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Spatulatus is one of the reining giants in the isopod hobby, being the largest in not length, but diameter. Their large, swooping skirt gives them a majestic look. They are a very laid back species, easy to handle, and happily relaxing on a finger tip while being observed.

Spatulatus are one of the few species of isopod that we considered truly "dry" animals. They are native to the cliffsides of Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy. They are accustomed to a dry environment with high airflow. We recommend a setup that allows at least 1" of substrate, 1" of leaf litter, and 2-4" of open space for airflow. They enjoy bark and cardboard to crawl on, underneath, and hide in. Similar to other giant Porcellio, we recommend offering them decaying wood for best results.

Although preferring a relatively arid environment, they do need a constant access to some moisture, especially babies and brooding females. To provide this and avoid too much humidity, we recommend filling one corner with sphagnum moss and misting heavily in that area exclusively. The moss will hold in moisture well, without it spreading to the remainder of the setup.

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