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Porcellio bolivari

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Bolivari is a gorgeous isopod that stands out due to its natural lemon yellow coloration. They are naturally found in caves of Eastern Spain. They need good air circulation to thrive, and we recommend 2"+ of dead air space to achieve this. Cardboard or bark should be made available for animals to cling to the underside of and escape the substrate. At least half of the setup should be completely dry, but 1/4-1/3 should be moist for gravid females and mancae to thrive. Our culture is fed fish flakes, weekly vegetables, decaying wood and is thriving in a 25L storage tote. Rotten wood is very important to establish a thriving colony, please email us if you need a sample to get started.

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If temperatures at arrival destination are ABOVE 80F or BELOW 40F the package will be marked HOLD FOR PICKUP at the closest FedEx facility for the safety of the animals. PLEASE include your phone number at checkout in case the package is marked held. The holding facility may or may not call, so please monitor your tracking number for the package to be available.

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