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Armadillidium nasatum "Nosey Mix"

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This culture is a often requested mix of all the nasatum morphs! Armadillidium nasatum is commonly called the "nosey rolly poly" due to the upturned snout on their face plate resembling a nose. The included variations are pearl, white out, peach, rust and the "wild" or common grey types. All mutations will remain present in culture, with the potential to mix and create new mutations, so keep an eye out for weird stuff!


If temperatures at arrival destination are ABOVE 80F or BELOW 40F the package will be marked HOLD FOR PICKUP at the closest FedEx facility for the safety of the animals. PLEASE include your phone number at checkout in case the package is marked held. The holding facility may or may not call, so please monitor your tracking number for the package to be available.

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