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Armadillidium maculatum "color mix"

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Originally, this started out as an ordinary mix of maculatum. We like to try to aquire cultures from multiple sources to encourage genetic diversity and somewhere along the line, things got...weird. Nothing in the example images are proven, but are an example of what the culture can produce. So far, these patterns and colorations have been observed: chocolate, hypo, high white, melanistic, yellow tinted, spotty, and many combinations in between. This is a fun opportunity for those that enjoy messing around with genetics.

Maculatum do well in temperate to semi-arid environments. They may have issues molting in tropical environments, and like to eat soft bodied plants.

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If temperatures at arrival destination are ABOVE 80F or BELOW 40F the package will be marked HOLD FOR PICKUP at the closest FedEx facility for the safety of the animals. PLEASE include your phone number at checkout in case the package is marked held. The holding facility may or may not call, so please monitor your tracking number for the package to be available.

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