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Aphiloscia annulicornis "checkered isopod"

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Aphiloscia annulicornis (formerly Anchiophila sp.) is an isopod initially of mystery, a single individual had stowed away in another colony. It has recently been identified as being native to the Western islands of the Indian Ocean.

A small size, chunky body, and fast growth rate makes them excellent cleaners or feeders for vulnerable invertebrates. The "checkered" nickname comes from the patterning along its backside. They do well in a moist container kept at 70-78F. They are docile roommates, and are an excellent cleaner for sensitive animals ranging from tropical to semi arid environments.


If temperatures at arrival destination are ABOVE 80F or BELOW 40F the package will be marked HOLD FOR PICKUP at the closest FedEx facility for the safety of the animals. PLEASE include your phone number at checkout in case the package is marked held. The holding facility may or may not call, so please monitor your tracking number for the package to be available.

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